Welcome to the Cabuya Artist Cottage!

This artistically constructed home incorporates art in every  detail. Paintings are installed throughout the house including the high  ceilings  of the bedrooms. Two different balconies give you every  opportunity to enjoy all the views this property offers. The garden  is  beautifully landscaped with mature fruit trees and tropical plants. Walk to the beach to look for shells, or throw a line out in these  waters known for its excellent fishing. In the low tide you can walk  nearby Cabuya island or snorkel at high tide. This beautiful home is also near Costa Rica's first national park, Cabo Blanco Reserve.  Phone  and high speed internet also available.


About the South of the Nicoya Peninsula

The Southern Nicoya Peninsula is a make-up of Paquera, Tambor, Cobano, Montezuma, Delicias, Cabuya, Mal Pais, Playa Carmen and the Santa Teresa, and the Manzanillo area.

Each Southern Nicoya Community has it's own distinct flavor. Here  is  just  a glimpse of what this small piece of heaven has to offer:

Here is just a glimpse of what this small piece of heaven has to offer:

  • Some of the Most Ideal Conditions for Deep Sea Fishing on the Pacific Coast
  • World Class Surfing as well as the Best Snorkeling and Scuba Diving in Costa Rica
  • Not an industrial area, Free of Pollution including Light  Pollution
  • Beaches to the end of the earth... Free of people and  litter
  • Numerous Impressive Waterfalls including the world famous  Montezuma Waterfalls
  • Numerous National Parks and reserves right at your back door.  Costa Rica's First National Park, Cabo Blanco, Nicolas  Wessburg  Absolute  Reserve,  and the Curu Wildlife Reserve just to name a few
  • Costa Rica's Finest Artists, Dancers and Street Performers
  • Abundance of Plants and Wildlife including Howler and White-Faced Monkeys
  • International Cuisine Beachside Dining
  • Fly from San Jose Directly into Tambor for around $50! The 30-Minute Flight is an Aerial View of the Central Valley, Rainforests, Pacific Ocean and the Islands in the Gulf of Nicoya. Tambor is located 20 Minutes by Car from Montezuma

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    About Cabuya

    Cabuya is in the Southern Tip of the Nicoya Peninsula.
    Cabuya is a lesser known town south of Montezuma on the gulf side of the peninsula.

    The gateway to Cabo Blanco National Park, Cabuya is less expensive than Montezuma and Malpais, but within a quick drive of both. Cabuya has a lot to offer besides the national park. There are several surf spots, rivers with waterfalls, huge trees, and many talented artists live and work here.

    Unlike Montezuma, Cabuya has a lot of flat land, with a larger Tico community. It is also has been less influenced by tourism, making it a perfect destination for those who want to experience rural Costa Rican living.

    Turquoise waters hug the beaches here on the coast at Las Manchas, Las Rocas and Los Cedros. Cabuya village is approximately 7 km south of Montezuma. Cabo Blanco National Park is another 2 km past Cabuya.

    This nice town faces east towards the rising sun.


    How to get there?

    Unless you are planning to travel to other destinations before or after visiting Montezuma or plan many side trips once in Montezuma, you do not need a car. However having a vehicle does allow you to fully explore all of the amazing places this area has to offer. Taxis, buses and shuttles that are not expensive are also very convenient and available in the area.

    BY CAR

    Arrange ahead for a car with a car rental agency. We can assist you with this as we do get discounts for our clients. Please let us know if you need assistance in this. Make sure you have a good road map of the country before setting out.
    Follow the map to Puntarenas and continue to the tip of the peninsula, until you see the water where the ferries dock.
    Turn right and watch for the lineup of cars at the ferry dock.
    Remember you are looking for the car ferry to Paquera (there is another ferry that goes to Playa Naranjo).

    Arrive 1 1/2 to 2 hours early in the high season to be sure that you make it on the ferry. Check a Costa Rica guide book for current schedules. The ferry leaves approximately every 2 hours. Park your car in the ferry line. Wait for a ferry employee to hand out ferry passes.

    You need this token ("ficha" in Spanish) to buy tickets at the ticket house. All passengers in a car must walk on the ferry. There sometimes are young men trying to make money by helping tourists who are waiting in the ferry line (not to be confused with official ferry employees handing out Ferry Passes.) Tell these guys that you "know how to buy your tickets but thank you anyway". Keep an eye on them if they hang around your car.


    After your ferry arrives at the dock in Paquera, the drive is 1 hour to Montezuma. Two resorts that you should pass on your way are Playa Tambor and Tango Mar (left hand side). When you reach Cobano, turn left at the main intersection. From Cobano to Montezuma it is 7 km, and from Montezuma to Cabuya another 7 km, always straight on, you cannot miss it. Drive slowly. Do not drive on the beach. Remember that calling your caretaker from your last hotel will alert them to your arrival time and he should be there at the meeting point to help you.

    BY BUS

    Take a cab to the Coca Cola bus station in San Jose. The fare is approximately 2 US$. There is one direct bus for Montezuma, Mal Pais and Santa Teresa and it leaves twice a day (3 times in the peak season). It takes around 5 hours to get to Montezuma and costs around 13 US$. In Puntarenas you have to get off the bus to walk on the ferry, but your luggage stored below is locked and safe. Watch your hand luggage!
    There are also non-direct buses that leave every 2 hours. If you take these, you will need to take a taxi to the ferry. It is about 3US$. You purchase the ferry tickets in the ticket house. Once you arrive in Paquera from the ferry, you need to take the bus that is waiting. You may also take a taxi but it is around 50 US$. The non direct bus takes anywhere from 6 to 7 hrs.

    BY AIR

    You can also fly Sansa or commuter flights from San Jose to Tambor. There are 2 to 3 flights daily. To buy your ticket via the internet, go to(click on the picture on the right)
    There are always taxis waiting at Tambor airport.
    The drive to Montezuma is around 25 minutes and costs around 35$.

    You can also fly Sansa or , commuter flights from San Jose to Tambor. There are 2 to 3 flights daily.
    To buy your ticket via the internet, go to www.flysansa.com or www.natureair.com (click on the link above).
    There are always taxis waiting at Tambor airport. The drive to Cabuya is around 50 minutes and costs around 40$.